Art Reviews


Michaela Nash

Art Writing Texts

‘Half Way Out of The Dark’,
For Re-Vision Festival Exhibition

This text was especially commisioned
in response to Re-vision festival 2021.
Taking the form of pure art criticism,
the text responded to the themes of
lgbtq+ community and mental health
through performance art in Northern Ireland.

It provided a brief history of lgbtq+
life in Northern Ireland, as well as the importance of festivals like Re-Vision,
in creating spaces to gather together
and express ourselves. The text was
exhibited alongside Re-vision archival
material in May 2022.


 ‘Painting To See The Skies’,
 Windows Text Project, CCA Derry 

‘Painting To See The Skies’ is part of CCA Derry’s ‘Windows Text’ Project. Designed by Edward Boyle it was exhibited in the Gallery Windows from December 21st to January 3rd.

The text is inspired by Yoko Ono’s instruction piece of the same name. It is to be read from bottom to top, so that the reader will finish by looking up at the sky.

The ‘Windows Text’ Project
was a series of 10 commisions by artists, writers and designers, which were created during the 2021 Lockdowns.

10 writers who participated in Meahbh McNutt’s ‘Should Artists Write?’ workshops were asked to create a response, so long as it was confined to an A4 page. The writers were paired with a designer and the final print was riso-printed by Derry Print Workshop.