Art Reviews


Michaela Nash

‘There Is No Country Without A Morning’

‘Juncture’ Exhibition, 2021, Pallas Projects Gallery, Dublin
formerly exhibited at ‘Hiatus Exhibition’, 126 Gallery, Galway

Exploring liminality and invisible borders,
the project documents crossing the NI-ROI
border via bus on missed Brexit dates.

Beginning 29th March 2019 and ending on
31st December 2020 each video documents
a journey from North to South or South to North.

When shown side by side, the videos become a
seamless return between both sides, they are endlessly looped to reflect the tense liminality of life during negotiations.

The only indication of a border, is a pause in one
video during a controversial passport check, within
the common travel area, from Kileen to Ravensdale between Feede and Black mountain. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the final journey was completed by car.